Why should we use fish oil with our pets?

We all know the benefits of Omega 3-6 fatty acids for humans, there is plenty of scientific evidence. For the same reasons is good for us, it is good for our pets!. Try it and you will see it, we are 100% sure.

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Pet´s Clan

Pet’s Clan offers you salmon, tuna and sardine oil for all the benefits it brings to your pet.

Salmon Oil

Source of Omega 3-6. It improves your pet’s hair, you will see how it shines! Also helps to improve their immune system, skin and joints.

Tuna Oil

Tuna oil is special for its high content on DHA. These kinds of fatty acids have special benefits for our pets, it improves their cognitive function, it helps them feel younger!

Sardine Oil

Take care of their heart with all the extended benefits of Omega 3-6 fatty acids

Omega 3 benefits for dogs

Our canine friends have some specific nutritional needs. Lear here what the Omega 3-6 fatty acids can do for them Discover here what fatty acids can do for them.

Omega 3 benefits for cats

Felines are so peculiar as their nutritional needs. Here you will learn what is specifically good for them. Here we explain what fatty acids can do for them.

The best and natural way for taking care of our pets:

Fats take a specific and very important part on our pets’ nutrition. Although they are not all the same. Normally, fats are primarily a source of energy, Omega 3-6 fatty acids are related with their health and have countless benefits for them. While most fats act as a source of energy, other fats are related to the health of our pets.

Variety of products

Chose the product the better adapts the need of your pet

Maximum Quality

We only use the highest quality products to achieve the best results

Ideal packaging

Out bottle preserves and takes care of the good properties of our oils.

The best packaging to make your life easier

The best container helps preserve the product quality and makes everything more convenient for you. Our bottle is just unique! It’s very simple, there is no other fish oil with a bottle as good as ours. It completely preserves the oil and makes your life easier. This is something that makes us especially proud!

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