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Fish oils are rich in omega 3-6 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. Fish oils are rich in fatty acids omega 3-6 like EPA & DHA. Scientific research has shown that these fatty acids act as anti-inflammatory agents and can be used to treat several diseases including atopic dermatitis, arthritis, kidney & heart diseases and even several types of cancer.

Fish oil is largely used in our dogs and cats’ diet, they actually love it!

Pet’s Clan brings you Salmon, sardine and tuna oil for their incredible benefits for your pet.

Salmon Oil

Source of Omega 3-6.It helps to improve their hair, immune system, skin and joints. You will see how it shines!

Tuna Oil

Source of Omega 3-6, high DHA content. Tuna oil is special because of its very high DHA content. Tuna is the fish with the highest content of this fatty acid and it has been proven that DHA has particular benefits for our pets.

It’s demonstrated that helps the development of the eyes and brain of our puppies. For seniors, it helps improve their brains cognitive function. It feels like our seniors are young again, so improves their quality of life!

What is more, our tuna oil contains other omega 3-6 fatty acids, so it has the same benefits as the salmon oil but it brings a larger range of benefits thanks to the DHA fatty acids.

Sardine Oil

Source of Omega 3-6, high content in EPA. Take specific care of its heart with all the benefits of omega 3-6 fatty acids.

For more information about its benefits we recommend you to visit our Omega 3-6 section where we explain you all the benefits of Omega 3-6 fatty acids.